ABOUT - Catherine Babin

My story

I started taking wedding photographs over a decade, but I was captivated by photography decades earlier. My father completed almost every task from cooking to bedtime stories with a Nikon FT2 draped around his neck.

And my parents influenced me in another way. Through their heritage. My father came from Paris in France, and my mother from San Remo in Italy. They moved together to Canada before starting a family and moving again to the US. Their stories and their perspective on life and beauty instilled in me a deep love of Europe, its landscapes, and its culture.

Photography is a job that is impossible not to love. And if I am outside shooting in a beautiful garden, glade, or landscape then I am even happier. The moment when the sun is low on the horizon and the light has turned to a warm, creamy hue takes my breath away.

My story would not be complete without mentioning my two dogs. My adventures with Ripley, Newt and my husband are woven throughout my own personal photography collection.

Ripley & Newt

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